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1,000 GPD Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination System (Watermaker)

-- Converts Seawater to potable grade water.
-- Can run with solar/wind power generator


  • boats
  • beach houses
  • beach side restaurants
  • emergency preparedness
  • hydroponics
  • etc..

Technical Specifications

  • Daily production rate: 1000 GPD/ 3800 LPD 
  • Feed water: less than 38,000 ppm 
  • Required feed water pressure: minimum 40 psi 
  • Average feed water temperature: 25 °C/ 77 °F 
  • Product water quality: less than 500 ppm 
  • Feed water rate: 3.5 GPM 
  • Working Pressure: 900 psi 
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 122 x 51 x 46 (cm)/ 48 x 20 x 18 (in) 
  • Weight: 175 lb/ 80 kg 
  • Power consumption: 1.5KW at 900 psi (excludes feed water pump) 

RO System

The construction of the membrane is a Thin Film Composite (TFC). It is the ones of the highest quality membranes available in the industry. The reverse osmosis pressure vessel is a heavy-duty housing made of corrosion resistant fiberglass. 

  • Pre-Filtration System: dual stage inside two PVC housings. 25 micron in the first stage, 10-micron cartridge in the second stage. This system further reduces suspended solids in the feed water stream to RO system. It protects the RO high-pressure pump and lead end RO membrane elements from debris. 5 GPM rating. 1 No. 
  • Membrane Housing: fiberglass,4" housing, holds 1 membrane, 1000 psi rated pressure vessel, 1 No. 
  • Membranes: Filmtec seawater desalination membrane 4"x40", No. 1 
  • High pressure RO Pump: CAT 316 stainless steel with high pressure relief valve
  • Motor (220V/50hz/60hz/single phase): 2 HP,1.5KW TEFC. 
  • High pressure side piping material: 316 Stainless Steel 
  • Low pressure side piping material: Schedule 80 PVC, and flexible tubing 
  • Concentrate control valve: 1/4", 316 Stainless Steel 
  • Water quality monitor: product water TDS meter 
  • Flow meters: Panel Mount Flow Meters for feed water and product water. 
  • Pressure Gauges: Feed Water Pressure, working pressure, Concentrate 
  • System controls (automatic operation): Microprocessor control to provide start/stop, sequential, and alarm control.

RO System start permissible conditions: 
  1. Power On
  2. Start button pushed
  3. Low pressure switch closed
  4. Permeate water tank level below low level (low and high level switches are on open position)

Five conditions will cause the RO to shut down the machine: 
  1. High working pressure
  2. Low inlet pressure (<15 psi)
  3. over current
  4. Product water storage tank level high
  5. Shut-down button pushed