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Discover the Advantages of Axial Piston Technology

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Advanced hydraulics and materials knowhow
The Danfoss Group has pioneered axial piston pump technology in challenging hydraulics applications that have been field tested for over 40 years. Today, Danfoss High Pressure Pumps puts this expertise to work for SWRO.

With more than 15 patents, very small tolerances that are counted in microns – and world-class production know-how in Duplex, Super Duplex and carbon-reinforced PEEK –Danfoss designs and produces the most advanced axial piston pumps available for SWRO.

Ideal for parallel trains that are easy to scale
Danfoss APP pumps are the preferred system builders and OEMs who want SWRO systems with built-in redundancy and modular scalability.

Whether the parallel trains are in separate skids or individual containers, APP pumps are easy to configure. Their compact footprint and simplified connections require no frames or belt drives – and can be installed either vertically or horizontally – also in very tight places.
Fewer moving parts, less to wear out
The pump's only seal is on the mechanical shaft. No belts, no stacks, Simpler construction means simpler maintenance schedules and less downtime.  Traditional suction/pressure valves and membranes are replaced by a simple port and valve plate - further reducting pump complexity and maintenance worries.
No oil lubrication or troublesome lube schedules
Extreme precision and tight tolerances make possible a self-lubricating construction where the pumped medium provides all necessary lubrication.
Lower pulsation is built in
Axial piston design replaces traditional crankshafts with a unique swash plate that features rotating pistons. 5-9 pistons reduce flow pulsation to as low as 1.
Advanced design
Danfoss's patented ball and socket design improves pump performance and efficiency.
Constant flow at the range you need
Positive displacement ensures constant flow regardless of pressure variations. Wide flow ranges are available with Danfoss VFD's.