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Building Options for Eco-Affordable Housing

We partner with Platinum Building Systems to provide a range of building styles, from small container homes to large villas. Platinum System can build both light gauge steel housing and timber housing with different roof options and interior fitting options. Below you can view some of the building options and completed projects, as well as a few examples of the range of interior fitting options. These are just some of the options available! For more details follow the contact link at the left.
Platinum Building Systems Flyer

Building Options

  1. Economic House
    Economic House
  2. Villa - Complicated Shape
    Villa - Complicated Shape
  3. Villa
  4. Container House
    Container House

Building Interior Examples

  1. Kitchen
  2. Hotel Bathroom
    Hotel Bathroom
  3. Villa Living Room
    Villa Living Room
  4. Villa Bathroom
    Villa Bathroom

Interior Fitting Options

Below you will find a few brief samples of the type of interior fitting options available. This is to illustrate the ability of these modular buildings to be fully customized to designer or customer preferences.
  1. Entry Doors
    Entry Doors
  2. Flooring
  3. Interior Doors
    Interior Doors
  4. Windows
  5. Kitchen Cabinet Styles
    Kitchen Cabinet Styles
  6. More Kitchen Cabinet Styles
    More Kitchen Cabinet Styles
  7. Kitchen Counters
    Kitchen Counters
  8. More Kitchen Counters
    More Kitchen Counters
  9. Kitchen Sinks
    Kitchen Sinks
  10. Kitchen Faucets
    Kitchen Faucets
  11. Bathroom Fittings
    Bathroom Fittings
  12. Showers
  13. Bathroom Sinks
    Bathroom Sinks