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Containerized Battery Banks

  1. Remote diagnostics, monitoring, controls and data logging
  2. Modular architecture makes service repair easy
  3. Hybrid solar inverters convert DC power supply from the solar array, grid and batteries to AC power to supply the loads
  4. Turnkey system can be installed anywhere with minimal on-site expertise


  1. Solar array is allowed to output maximum power where excess is stored in batteries
  2. Excess energy can be stored during the day and used at night
  3. Flexibility in following fluctuating load demand
  4. Lower fuel consumption from generators and lower reliance on a fuel source
  5. Reduced fuel consumption and grid input decreases overall operating cost
  6. Producer of cleaner energy
The standard 10' shipping container combines energy storage, power conversion and a control system.
The container is insulated and comes with built-in HVAC.
Multiple containers can be connected together and operated as one.
A grid tie solar system feeds into the containerized battery bank with hybrid solar inverters.