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Eco-Friendly Technology

All Eco-Affordable Housing units come be fitted with solar panels, LED lighting, lithium ion batteries, and energy saving insulation. Houses located near the beach can be supplied with ForeverPure's Seawater Reverse Osmosis machine to provide fully potable water for consumption, plumbing and appliances. Please browse below to learn more about the eco-friendly technology.

Solar Panels and Energy Storage

Excess energy generated from the solar panels is stored in renewable lithium ion batteries. This maximizes the efficiency of the solar panels by storing energy for use when sunlight is at a minimum and during peak hours.
All housing comes fitted with rooftop solar panels that generate renewable solar power. The solar system is customized to fit all the power needs of the household and the structural requirements of the roof.

Lighting and Insulation

Houses are equipped with energy efficient LED lighting requiring much less energy than standard lighting.
Energy saving insulation comes preinstalled to lower the need for heating and cooling.

Optional Seawater Reverse Osmosis System

For houses near the beach, a seawater reverse osmosis system can be installed to supply the house with fully potable water suitable for consumption, plumbing and appliances. To learn more about these systems, please visit our SWRO page. Systems are customized to fit the daily water usage demands of the customer.