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How Eco-Affordable Housing is Built

Houses are fully custom-designed, inside and out, in partnership with Platinum Building System. The modular housing is pre-fabricated and delivered to the building site where the house is assembled. Solar power, energy storage, and water purification systems are custom-designed by ForeverPure and installed on site. For more information about power and water please visit the Eco-Friendly Technology page.

Platinum Building System utilizes

established production techniques and
capacity to manufacture top quality building
solutions. The basis of the system is a range
of high strength, corrosion resistant steel
manufactured elements fully designed,
tested and approved that can be combined
to create a wide variety of building shapes
and be adapted to suit any planning or end
user needs. Prefabrication is employed as
much as possible to reduce the waste and saving labor costs. These modular designs can be delivered world wide to maximize integration of global resources and techniques.

Please explore below to see the process!
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Structural Plans

It all starts with a customized structural plan to meet the individual needs of the customer. Advanced Software Creates Structural Plans Automatically and Intelligently.


  1. Timber
  2. Light Gauge Steel
    Light Gauge Steel
  3. Cold Formed Light Gauge Steel
    Cold Formed Light Gauge Steel
  4. LGS Cross Section
    LGS Cross Section
Framing can be timber or light gauge steel. Cold formed light gauge steel doesn’t shrink, split, or absorb moisture, and it resists warping, termites, and fire. The light gauge steel C-sections range from C140 to C70, thickness from 2.5mm to 0.6mm for wall framing, floor framing and roof
framing. All LGS members are galvanized, pre-cut,       pre-punched and labeled before assembly.

Floors, Walls and Roof

  1. Walls
    Wall panels are pre-fabricated in the plant using fire resistant materials then delivered to the jobsite for faster installation.
  2. Floor
    Pre-fabricated flooring panels made of fire resistant materials can be overlayed with any flooring type, including concrete.
  3. Roof
    Roof truss or roof rafters can be built according to the shape of the roof. Fiber cement tile, steel tile and asphalt shingles can be used for roofing material.