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Large Scale SolarWind Oasis
Complete clean-powered desalination systems for large off-grid applications.
Introducing our Large Scale SolarWind Oasis Systems, complete customized solar and/or wind-powered seawater and brackish water desalination systems providing potable water and clean energy to large off-grid applications. For systems producing 1,000 GPD or greater.
The system includes:
1. ForeverPure containerized desalination system
2. ForeverPure Power containerized battery bank with hybrid inverter
3. Solar farm installed near beach or wind farm installed in area of high winds
4. Hybrid power input from grid
5. Output is potable water and clean power
For more information please download the Large Scale SolarWind Oasis presentation and brochure below, and watch the video presentations.
Large Scale SolarWind Oasis Brochure
Large Scale SolarWind Oasis Presentation
System Overview
SolarWind Oasis Video Presentations