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PAH F Pumps

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Danfoss PAH F high-pressure pumps are designed for tap water. PAH F pumps are developed for fire fighting applications. The pumps use only water as lubricant – no oil is needed which makes it possible to avoid any kind of contamination. The PAH F pumps offer up to 500 hours service intervals. In case the pump is not in operation, the 500 hours correspond to 10 years in stand-by position with ongoing performance tests.
PAH F 20-40

​​ Pressure Range:
 Max outlet pressure:
 160 barg/2,321 psig

 Inlet pressure cont.:
 1-6 barg/15-87 psig

 Flow Range:
 12.4-110.4 l/min 
 3.28-29.16 gpm

 ​700-3,600 rpm (PAH F 25-32)
 700-3,000 rpm (PAH F 40)
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