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Water Purification and Desalination Product Catalog
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Solarized Module Living Units Presentation
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ForeverPure Company Profile Presentation
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Filmtec Water Treatment Technologies Info Sheet
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EPA Drinking Water Standards Table
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Bottling Plant 3D Design Images
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Explore our new and featured products.
Filmtec XLE-4040 Reverse Osmosis 4" Membrane
SolarWind Oasis
Vanadium Flow Batteries
Customized solar and/or wind-powered desalination systems providing potable water and clean energy to large off-grid applications.
We are pleased to now offer the Avalon™ Flow Battery. Safe, fault-tolerant, and its flexibility allows it to be deployed to serve applications from 10kW to the MW scale.
List Price: $380.00
Our Price: $325.00 
Sale Price: $245.00
Savings: $135.00
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