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Introducing Solar Oasis 500, a complete solar-powered seawater and brackish water desalination system for off-grid applications such as remote villages, towns, beach properties, etc.
Includes: 2400W off grid solar power center package (230V, 50hz/60hz, 1ph) and SWRO-500 Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination System. It is suitable for desalination or purification of seawater, brackish water, well water, or surface water (not wastewater).
For further specifications please download the Solar Oasis Brochure or visit the product page at
  1. Solar Oasis Overview
  2. SWRO right
  3. Inverter
  4. SWRO Keypad
  5. Monitoring Software
  6. SWRO left
  7. Inverter 2
  8. Anti-scalant dosing
Solar Oasis 500
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Large Scale Solar Oasis
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Disclaimer: gas generator, light bulb, television and refrigerator not included
Solar Oasis Brochure